May 3, 2018

About Us

Jump Stop Academy was started by Brett Isaacson.
Brett was recently hired as the Varsity Girls Coach at Park City High School.

Brett started Jump Stop Academy because his years of experience coaching basketball and other sports taught him there are two types of players.  One type of player is the kid who loves basketball but doesn’t have a goal of playing in high school and beyond.  This player wants to learn the game but is in it more for the recreation.
The other type of player is a bit more serious about learning the nuances of the game and is looking to play more competitive basketball as they get older.

Therefore, Jump Stop Academy offers programs that will appeal to both types of players.  All of our programs teach the fundamentals but they are tailored towards the two types of kids.

This will hopefully make it a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Here is a brief bio of the founder of Jump Stop Academy:

  • Born in Washington, DC
  • Graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • 3 sport athlete in high school (basketball, soccer, and baseball)
  • Athlete of the Year at the Bullis School in Potomac, MD senior year of high school
  • 8 years as a boys high school basketball coach
  • 5 years as Regional Director for One on One Basketball in Maryland
  • Creator of Hoops and Hope Tour (cross country tour offering free basketball camps)
  • Camp Director for Spirit of Hoops (camps on Native American reservations)
  • Ran international clinics in Algeria, Chile, and Mexico
  • Certified Social Studies teacher in secondary education
  • 2 years as a Special Education Teacher
  • Taught basketball and other sports to children ranging from 3-18 years old